Images: Beaverworks

Below are a few of my photos highlighting beaver sites as well as a few alternatives for flood control.

Click on the image for a larger high resolution view.

Beaver pond near my home.  Long winding dam on right.

High elevation beaver pond near Holderness, NH.

Simple grate culvert protector.

Semi-functional water level control structure.

Different angle of structure above.

Special crushed-ledge gravel for wetland road.

Road in perspective to water level.  (Downstream side.)

Quarry gravel supply.  (Crushed- ledge.)

Upstream side of road.

Remote beaver pond in western Maine.

Different angle of above.

Ice forming over beaver pond.

Improperly installed leveler system.

Could be a muskrat lodge in beaver pond area?

Mallard pair moves into beaver pond.

Improperly installed leveler system – water level too low causing beaver to abandon.

Older section of wetland complex.



Deer Hill Bog in White Mountain National Forest.

Deer Hill Bog – sign describes collaboration between nature and man.

Deer Hill Bog – after draining.

Deer Hill Bog drained due to management failure.

Bear enjoying beaver pond near Holderness, NH

Great blue heron rookery in beaver pond near Holderness, NH.

Red eft – born of a nearby beaver pond.

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