Change the World for Beavers

Linda Dionne@lindld,
Click here to support Change the World for Beavers by Linda Dionne

Here is a wonderful effort worth supporting from a N.H. animal rights organization!

UPDATE! :  This effort was completed in late October at a Conservation site with walking trails in Milford, N.H.. The “Beaverdeceiver” was installed (by Skip Lisle; ) in the primary active beaver dam that was causing some minor flooding to trails at the Rotch Preserve of the Milford Conservation Commission. The trails access a wonderful wooded and wetland area that features active beaver work in a sizable marsh and a very cool series of beaver upland pools radiating upstream through woods along the trail (hopefully not conflicting with trail use). Some of the trail system is located inappropriately too close to the wetland and should be moved to higher ground to prevent unnecessary conflict, however a great non-motorized, non-hunting/trapping area for wildlife viewing accessed from Melendy Rd. or Ruonala Rd. off Rt. 13 South of Milford. More info contact:  P.S. This job already led to another at the Milford “railtrail” and perhaps indirectly inspired Merrimack (C.C.) to do several as well!

The compleat “url” site to click on is:

Another related site well worth seeing is the trailer and background for an upcoming “Beaver Believers” documentary; see: or:


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  1. August 31, 2014 at 7:15 pm

    This link is perhaps better reached from this “url”: Rick H.

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