Purpose of this site

Beaver Conflicts Resolution

Source: Purpose of this site

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Launch: Beaver Bros. L3C

I have now begun a “low Profit” Limited Liability Company with the full name: Beaver Bros. Eco-Humane Systems, L3C   registered in the State of Maine and will hopefully be a registered domain name as well.

Our first installations have been done and I look forward to collaborating with Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, landowners, Public Works Departments, Public Parks and Lands and more.

One important affiliation I also have is with New Hampshire Animal Rights League (NHARL) who are sponsoring an important grant program for non-lethal mitigation of beaver conflict sites, both public and private. They will provide some funds to help solve conflict sites by the installation of water level control and culvert and property protection structures, or other strategies such as improvements to infrastructure where possible. This has resulted in raising awareness as to the availability and cost-effectiveness of these modern designed structures, and the worth of making those efforts and investments. Several sites in N.H. have benefited from NHARL’s efforts already, and the hope is that this will be an increasing and successful trend!

Please visit the new site:    www.Beaver Bros.wordpress.com      New “domain” name:   BeaverBros-EcohumaneSystems.com