Finding beaver concerns around Maine

Beavers are on my mind as I continue to get connected to the fears and misunderstandings, along with real concerns and challenges of coexistence with this keystone ecosystem engineering animal. Here is a (FB) post from an association in the Belgrade Lakes area and my response to it which requests that folks take time to learn more; …and some important links to some of that info and perspective:

Post: Beavers are continuing to expand their dam complex at the boat launch
Post: Jill Colavita They are destroying properties all along the shore. I know of at least 3 dams on the lake and there must be more, and increasing. They need to be relocated!
Post: Randie Chase Martin They are multiplying rapidly!!!
Post: Richard Hesslein Beavers are part of nature and should not be considered out of place or out of control just because they are visible and actively using / making visible habitats. There are fairly simple and cost effective ways to limit their actions where needed without resorting to a constant cycle of eradication, lethal removal, or “relocation”. Please take a few minutes to learn about the values and beneficial impacts from beavers to help steer a coarse to mutually positive balance and coexistence! I believe we still have a lot to learn!,,,…/AtlanticSalmonBeaverDam.pdf,…/cat…/beavers-and-trout/,,…/Moddrainagedesign…,…/20161005-beavers-are-back-in-the…,…,,…/leave-it-to-beavers-the…/8865/,

Special webinar, results: “Partnering with Beaver to Restore Fish & Wildlife Habitat”