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New Beaver Blog from the Beaver Institute: Coming Soon; 2019 SURCP State of the Beaver Conference:


Not As It Should Be…… The right of citizens to demand science and animal welfare to be part of Maine’s wildlife management practices as part of our democratic government legislative processes! (see button below, “not as it should be”)

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The importance of our restored healthy water systems:

Newest Book Detailing North American Beaver History and Potential

I am greatly appreciating all the information gathered here, from around our continent, past and present, and from many knowledgable sources; all put together now in this fine book:

Ever Feel Trapped? ….so well said!!

Beavers can help direct our spiritual growth and heel our Planet!

Beaver Conflict Resolution and Ecosystem Restoration

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Have you seen (actually heard) this? (won’t be available long): Might need to hit “REPLAY” Tab, scroll down to “Green Zine….” start play at about min. 23:35 to hear interview with Jan Lambert who is active on Beaver issues and can also be reached through: to see her articles, in particular (relating to this interveiw) the August/Sept 2017 issue. She is available at Tel. (603) 477-9947 or

Apparently on good terms with Mr. Skip Lisle, …. also her (new?) book:

Beaver and Wetlands Revival Needed

Anti-science from the Trump Administration

Finding beaver concerns around Maine

Beavers are on my mind as I continue to get connected to the fears and misunderstandings, along with real concerns and challenges of coexistence with this keystone ecosystem engineering animal. Here is a (FB) post from an association in the Belgrade Lakes area and my response to it which requests that folks take time to learn more; …and some important links to some of that info and perspective:

Post: Beavers are continuing to expand their dam complex at the boat launch
Post: Jill Colavita They are destroying properties all along the shore. I know of at least 3 dams on the lake and there must be more, and increasing. They need to be relocated!
Post: Randie Chase Martin They are multiplying rapidly!!!
Post: Richard Hesslein Beavers are part of nature and should not be considered out of place or out of control just because they are visible and actively using / making visible habitats. There are fairly simple and cost effective ways to limit their actions where needed without resorting to a constant cycle of eradication, lethal removal, or “relocation”. Please take a few minutes to learn about the values and beneficial impacts from beavers to help steer a coarse to mutually positive balance and coexistence! I believe we still have a lot to learn!,,,…/AtlanticSalmonBeaverDam.pdf,…/cat…/beavers-and-trout/,,…/Moddrainagedesign…,…/20161005-beavers-are-back-in-the…,…,,…/leave-it-to-beavers-the…/8865/,

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