Beavers gaining in understanding of critical values!


I have been busy with a few beaver baffling/mitigation projects, mostly featured and described on Facebook posts.

Re-claiming The High Ground

Beaver Blog and Conference

New Beaver Blog from the Beaver Institute: Coming Soon; 2019 SURCP State of the Beaver Conference:

Not As It Should Be…… The right of citizens to demand science and animal welfare to be part of Maine’s wildlife management practices as part of our democratic government legislative processes! (see button below, “not as it should be”)

The importance of our restored healthy water systems:

Newest Book Detailing North American Beaver History and Potential

I am greatly appreciating all the information gathered here, from around our continent, past and present, and from many knowledgable sources; all put together now in this fine book:

Ever Feel Trapped? ….so well said!!

Beavers can help direct our spiritual growth and heel our Planet!

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