Maine’s misguided war with beavers

We are trying to fight back against excessive and cruel expansive trapping of beavers in Maine with help from WildWatchMaine:

More on The Story:


It Bears Repeating – Again

Source: It Bears Repeating – Again

This from a colleage in our WildWatchMaine group on the sad treatment of Bears in Maine,

Tongass National Forest in Jeopardy

This is related to my petition to support wildlife and habitats in our Public Lands but is specific to a new threat to old growth forests of the Tongass:

Petition for Wildlife Protection on our Public Lands

Still would like to continue to see support grow for this…

Beaver Documentaries

Grant $’s may be available for N.H. beaver conflicts….

New Way To Study Beaver Ponds

Beavers @ Science Daily

New petition supporting important beaver legislation in New Hampshire

Merry Christmas from a different perspective……

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