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My inspiration for becoming involved with beaver issues arose from the transformation of my own neighborhood wetland meadow into a pond teeming with new diverse life! The close proximity to my home allowed me to fully experience the amazing changes and to interact with some aspects of the new wild inhabitants on a personal level. From damselflies to herons, tadpoles to trout and muskrats to moose, I have gotten a closer look at many types of animals due to beaver work! Also the beaver themselves were trusting enough to allow me some great observing time! However there were some conflicts that arose with the rising water concerning a poorly located road and also some drowning timber. So I also got an education on road construction, drainage systems, culvert protection, water level control devices and people/communication skills! I feel lucky that there are those before me to draw from such as Sharon and Owen Brown (BeaversWetlandsWildlife.org), Mike Callihan (BeaverSolutions.com), Skip Lyle (beaverdeciever) and Worth A Dam ( Martinezbeavers.org). I hope to be in a position to help resolve conflicts where necessary with proven, economical and effective installed structures and to promote understanding and tolerance of these incredible animals that have evolved to fill a critical role in restoring and creating healthy habitats. It is also true that beaver created wetlands filter and cleanse sediments and pollutants from streams, recharge aquifers, reduce catastrophic floods and protect against forest fire. They provide the habitat necessary for a large percent of rarer plants and animals and benefit all through increased biodiversity which adds resilience and quality of life to sustain our natural systems! I welcome questions and comments or calls @ (207) 935-3938 (or 674-2884)


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